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Membership information

❍ Required documents

1. "Introduction Pledge"

2. "Introduction to Disclaimer Consent and Parental Consent"

3. "Deposit account transfer request form / automatic transfer application form"

4. "NPO World Karatedo Federation Shinkyokushinkai Membership Application Form"

5. 3 ID photos (4 cm x 3 cm color)

・ Annual membership fee: 11,000 yen (including insurance premiums, withdrawal on the 8th of the month following enrollment) ・ Karate arrival: 11,000 yen ~ ・ Supporters: 9,000 yen ~

☆ Karate wear and supporters may be purchased after enrollment

    Morimachi  /  Hokuto Ohno /  Nanae Tsuruno Dojo monthly membership fee

・ General 5,500 yen ・Junior high school and high school students 4,950 yen ・ Junior class (elementary school 2nd to 6th grade) 4,400 yen

・ Kids class (4 years old to 1st grade)3,300 yen

Family discount ・ ・ ・ 1,100 yen discount from the second person per family ​ However, it may not be applicable when there are members who are adjourned.

Free trial enrollment available・ ・ ・ If you want to try it for free, please wear comfortable clothes.

Adjournment / withdrawal

If you have to withdraw or cancel your membership, please submit the prescribed form to the dojo.

If submitted by the end of the month, it will be applied from the following month.

If the session is closed, the membership fee will be 2,000 yen.

Please note that if you do not contact us and the membership fee is delinquent for 3 months, you will be withdrawn.

Membership benefits

Membership allows you to participate in training and events to be carried out in the new very Shinkai Hakodate, Hokkaido dojo on a monthly membership fee (Hakodate headquarters, Mori-machi, Hokuto Ohno & Nanae Tsuruno).

It is also possible to participate in training at Shinkyokushinkai dojos all over Japan with the permission of both instructors.

Those who are going to other districts due to transfer or going on to higher education can also transfer to the Shinkyokushinkai branch dojos all over Japan by submitting the required documents.

In addition, there are also tie-up benefits of many companies, so please take advantage of it.

About membership qualification

If any of the following applies, we will refuse your membership.

● Boryokudan and those involved in the gangsters.

● Those who have tattoos (including tattoos).

● People with flashy hairstyles and colors (children cannot dye any hair). Those who wear pierced earrings.

● Those who are prohibited from exercising by doctors.

● Those who have a plague that may be transmitted or transmitted to others.

● In addition, when our dojo judges that it is inappropriate to join.

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