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七飯鶴野道場 ひな祭り稽古


Nanae-cho Karate Dojo, Shinkyokushinkai Nanae Tsuruno Dojo.Today is the Doll's Festival.When you go shopping at the supermarket, it is bright, gorgeous and soothing.It has nothing to do with the lessons, but it starts with a little good mood.Today is Toru-kun's holiday.I got a good reply, "Ossu!" To "I'll do my best for Toru-kun!"Energetic thrusts and kicks also increase the tension.From the middle, you can see Luit and Haruhi's dad and mom.that?The atmosphere of the two has changed.I did move, mold, mitt, and finally frog walking (flying).I tried my best to show you the good points.It was a fun lesson with laughter and tension.





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