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Hokuto City Karate Dojo, Shinkyokushinkai Hokuto Ono Dojo. It's -10 degrees cold outside. However, the inside of the Hokuto City Sports Center is warm. Thank you for the environment. By the way, today I did basic, pattern, skipping rope, combination, and mitt training. Luit is off. When I say that I'll do my best for Luit-kun, it's a good reply, "Oshinin!" The basic kick has come to raise the foot. Jumping rope is a good feeling to jump vigorously. The shuttle game is a good match for both of us. The mitt hits with a good kick. The type is Daigoku 1, but tomorrow I will be willing to teach Daigoku 3. After the kids class, it's a general class lesson, but Toru-kun asked me, "What are you doing after this?" I explained that I will strengthen my physical strength and do kumite. It seemed that they had a little time to go home, so they were peeking at their lessons. I'm impressed. This is also exciting. Let's do our best tomorrow.





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