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Hokuto City Karate Dojo, Shinkyokushinkai Hokuto Ono Dojo.One visitor came today.The basic training is a bean fist who welcomes visitors and is more energetic and dynamic than usual.After the basics is skipping rope.Visitors also participate.After that is a shuttle game.At the end, kick the kick mitt.Mamekenshi Shows a powerful kick.It seems difficult for visitors, so it doesn't work.I will send you advice with 3 bean fists.Show a sample by yourself and teach them "This is how your feet are", "Hit your feet here", or "Put them straight out".The visitor, at the end, kicked forward with a good feeling.It's kind, it's nice to take care of it, I'll do it.It was a fun lesson today, but I felt the growth of the Mamekenshi.Let's do our best with Nanae tomorrow.



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