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Morimachi Karate Dojo, Shinkyokushinkai Hokkaido Morimachi Dojo. This is a health class for dojo students and parents. It's a fun class where you can move your body without overdoing it and play with choppiri karate. Senior Miura, who was absent for a long time due to poor physical condition, came to help. I still can't participate in this lesson, but I'm happy. We had 4 families participate today. Koyo-kun's mother is moving well. Mitt kick is also decided. Hyakuharu-kun's father has a good balance. The mitt kick comes firmly. Koharu-chan's mother was a gentle mitt kick. She has participated for a long time, but she did her best. Breath Yoshida also kicks a mitt, but it seems to hurt a little. I will give you guidance this time. Thank you. I had a good time. You guys have been worked hard. After a part of the health class is over, it is a practice for dojo students. I did not overdo it, but lightly performed the basics, combinations, and molds. Morimachi Mamekenshi, let's do our best tomorrow.





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