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楽しかったね! 来週もよろしくお願いします。

Morimachi Karate Dojo and Shinkyokushinkai Morimachi Dojo.Yokouchi's parents and children are participating in today's health course for the first time.Thanking you in advance.Today's menu is a little stretch, skipping rope, shuttle games, karate thrusting and kicking.In the shuttle game, it is a parent-child confrontation.Gentle Koyo-kun somehow matched and scored at the same time.Hyakuharu-kun made up for the delay in starting and scored at the same time.Kokoro-chan, who participated for the first time, beat her mother and scored a goal.At the end, I had Koyo-kun and Hyakuharu-kun tighten the thrust and kick.I sweated a little and breathed, but did everyone have a good exercise?It was fun, was not it!Thank you for your cooperation next week



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